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Testimonial of Barbara, a retired policewoman, and her Service Dog, Freedom

"You are way ahead of the game for a start-up company, very well prepared. Needed to say that. I  truly appreciate your coming, as Freedom my service dog, has had enough stress and trauma that day. When he got home he was fine and started to relax. Found out he also is fighting an incision infection in addition to surgery recovery. The goal is a great recovery of both. 


Rest assured if there is a need to contact you for a ride, it will happen. Just received your card today, another caring gesture that stays in one's mind. Count on the fact I'll also pass your info onto others.  Stay safe...

- Barbara & Freedom

"This is a truly unique company offering a much needed service! Pet transportation, be it an emergency or regular transport, is one of those things you're always going to need. And having a company like 360 Pet Cab at the ready is indispensable."

- Ruth Brown, dog owner

Testimonial of Faustine & her 16-year old cat Peaches

Hi Jeanne, I'm impressed with the attention to Peaches' comfort that you gave her, from the notes you left. She is walking and acting so much better than a couple weeks ago! The tear stain wipes will no doubt do a better job than the moist cotton balls I wipe her eyes with. Brilliant idea to put down a tracking mat next to her box-thanks.mind. Count on the fact I'll also pass your info onto others.  Stay safe...

- Faustine & Peaches

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