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Bay Area Emergency Pet Transport Service Gives Your Pets a Fighting Chance

We all know what to do when humans have a medical emergency. You dial 911 and an ambulance shows up. But what can you do when your pet needs emergency medical attention?

Now, you can call 360 Pet Cab, believed to be the first medical pet transport in the SF Bay Area. In addition to emergency medical pet transport, 360 Pet Cab also offers transport to non-emergency vet appointments, groomers, doggie daycare and other pet appointments.

360 Pet Cab was founded by Jeanne Salem after realizing how helpful a pet transport service would’ve been when her cat, Meowington, was diagnosed with cancer. After Meowington’s diagnosis, what followed was a long process to recovery with continuous visits to the vet for treatment and follow up. At the time Jeanne held a full-time corporate job and relied heavily on her mother to take Meowington to the vet.

“If there had been an emergency and non-emergency transport service that I could trust and count on, that would have been an amazing help,” Jeanne recalls.  

We understand life can get busy, and for some, taking time off work to take their pet to routine vet appointments can be challenging. Our services are available to help busy individuals with reliable and compassionate pet transport to all pet appointments.

For pets in need of emergency care, 360 Pet Cab’s ambulances are equipped with oxygen to give your beloved pet a fighting chance.

When should pet owners consider calling 360 Pet Cab?

  • When pet owner is very busy and this is creating stress because they can’t pick their pet up from the vet or wait with their pet

  • When pet owner is unable to take their pet to the vet for emergency or non-emergency care

  • When pet owner doesn’t feel comfortable transporting their pet

  • When pet has vet anxiety, we have calming techniques.

  • When pet needs oxygen

  • When pet is collapsed or immobile or dog is too big to fit or put in their car

  • When pet is needs help transporting their pet to the groomer or doggie daycare

  • When pet owner needs deceased pet transport

How does it work?

We have a highly professional staff of emergency medical technicians (EMT) and registered veterinary technicians (RVT) trained in safely transporting and caring for pets. We can dispatch for an emergency within 40 minutes. Pet owners can schedule pickups and drop offs online or over the phone by calling 833.PET.2VET.

Hours: We are open 9-5pm M-F; however we can do special scheduling and one offs.

Locations: We cover the SF Bay Area and can even make trips to UC Davis.

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