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Contact Me to Get Started

Use the form below to share a bit about your cat and behavior concerns. After completing the form, check your email for a link to schedule a free phone call. We’ll make sure my services are the right fit for your needs before you sign up.

Please note: consultations are only available for cat owners in the U.S. at this time. 

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Initial Behavior Package

Imagine a more peaceful home, a happier pet, and a happier you!

Our first session together will cover how to use your home’s setup to affect your dog or cat’s behavior, using play and enrichment to change problem behavior, and training techniques for teaching new skills. During the 60-minute consult, I’ll take a detailed history of your pet's behavior and needs and then translate that into an achievable plan. From there, we’ll discuss whether additional training sessions and referrals are needed. You’ll walk away with concrete steps to start decreasing problem behavior immediately.

All initial consultations are held using Zoom video conferencing. This easy interface lets me and cat and dog owners in every part of the U.S.

Your first consultation comes with two months of ongoing support, including an additional 30-minute video session to check in and answer any questions you have as you work through your plan. I will also be available by email to help.


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Additional Follow Ups

Your cat may benefit from more sessions to meet your goals. 

In-Home Coaching

Available only after Initial Behavior Package and in San Jose (bay area), CA only

One hour-long session: $155+travel cost

Video Coaching

One half-hour live session: $60

One month of email support and video review: $45

Cat Behavior and Dog Services

    Between people and their cats and dogs
    Set up your cat and dog home friendly for happiness with the right home essentials in the right places
    Improve the quality of life for cats, dogs and the people cohabiting with them
    Offer counseling solutions, products, enrichment toys, services, etc.
    Through behavior education and training, we hope to reduce the number of cats and dogs coming into shelters
    Teach people animal body language and how to modify unwanted behavior in cats and dogs (and to understand what's instinctive/unchangeable)
    Help people understand what to expect from cats or dogs so they choose the best cat or dog for them
    Help people understand why their cat or dog behaves as it does
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