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About us

Meet Meowington and Jeanne. This is our story. One day, I came home from work and found Meowington, a young and normally active cat, lethargic and almost entirely unresponsive under the bed. I immediately panicked and phoned the vet, and after a stressful ride there, we began what was to be a long and even more stressful diagnosis process. We eventually discovered that Meowington had small cell intestinal lymphoma, a blood cancer. We have been managing ever since with a lot of treatment and TLC.


It was a big challenge to shuttle Meowington back and forth to the vet while I worked full time. He needed blood tests, surgical biopsies, medical evaluations, medicine refills, and overall check-ups. My mother had to drive to my house, take Meowington to his appointments, and then wait however long to take him home. If there had been an emergency and non-emergency transport service that I could trust and count on, that would have been a solution.

360 Pet Cab was formed.

We provide the solution for your pet transportation and animal behavior needs.

The Family

We are excited to welcome any pet to our transport unit, giving you and your loved one the attention you both deserve. We are all pet lovers, sharing the belief that pets are family. Our Vet Techs and staff are all versed in the latest animal medical care and transport-ready preparation; we strive to understand and meet the individual needs of every pet.

360 Pet Cab owner, Jeanne and her cat Meowington

Jeanne Salem~UW-AAB, Animal Behaviorist, Founder

Jeanne is from the California bay area and has always cared for animals. She was pre-vet in college with a master's in psychology and a certificate in applied animal behavior from the University of Washington. She has participated in the human-animal interaction bond in animal behavior research at Oregon State University. She trained the "family dog" and taught children with developmental disabilities how to train their dogs. She lives with her son and fur baby kitty, Meowington. She is also CPR and fear-free pet certified.  She looks forward to helping you with your pet transportation and animal behavior needs.

360 Pet Cab disaster manager George Booth

George Booth, Disaster Management, CPR and First Aid Instructor

Owner of Canine Professional Services, George travels throughout Ohio instructing individuals, animal care facilities, and school children in Pet CPR, Pet First Aid, and Pet Safety. George is also our liaison with local emergency service providers and law enforcement

360 Pet Cab Lead Paramedic and Trainer, Jacob Vinzant

Jacob Vinzant, Lead Paramedic and Trainer

Training department and transport specialist. Over 7 years experience as an EMT and paramedic working in emergency transport. Knowledgeable and professional. Bringing best practices and industry standards in safe, effective, customer based emergency services. Long time animal lover and pet owner who understands the needs of those experiencing an unexpected event. Bringing competence and compassion to your doorstep.

Laura Marshall is a registered vet tech with 360 Pet Cab

Laura Marshall, RVT

Ever since I was a child, I've loved animals. In 2001, I decided to go to Foothill College and pursue a career in Veterinary Technology.  I've been in love with this field ever since. I've been licensed by the state since 2004 and have worked in a variety of veterinary clinics in the South Bay.   I live with my husband and three adorable dogs, all over the age of 12. I am a registered veterinary technician (RVT).  This is, in general, is equivalent to a nurse in human medicine. I'll be honored to help your fur babies get to and from the vet.

Erica Harp is a registered vet technician wit 360 Pet Cab

Erica Harp, RVT

Erica resides in San Jose with her husband, daughter and American bull dog mix Mariah. Graduated in 2011 with a AS In veterinary technology from Carrington College California. She works as a veterinary technician at Banfield Pet Hospital. Erica enjoys taking weekend adventures to the beach, walking dogs and pet sitting.

daniel and pups.jpg

Daniel Niclas, Animal Welfare and Transporter

Animal welfare expert and transporter. Raised in an organic and whole foods-only household, the foundation of Daniel’s upbringing was comprised of animal care and gardening, horticulture, biology and oneness with nature. Daniel is a native Californian married to his college sweetheart and together they are parenting as many rescue pups as possible. As a Biochemistry undergraduate at UC Berkeley, Daniel studied antioxidants and their valuable properties in human plasma; he then earned his PhD at UCLA characterizing protein synthesis. Daniel has always made health, wellness and loving-kindness life priority.

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