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About us-

I am a mompreneur, a lifelong learner who has adored and worked with animals all my life. Animals have always been my passion


I have a vast career that brought me to my journey today as an animal behavior consultant. My background includes working in the corporate world and being a veterinary technician. 


Meowington, my male brown tabby cat, became very sick with cancer at age four years old, and it was hard to care for him while working full-time with a family. We eventually discovered that Meowington had small-cell intestinal lymphoma, a blood cancer. It was a big challenge to shuttle Meowington back and forth to the vet while I worked full-time. He needed many checkups and tests with a lot of treatment and TLC. I have been managing Meowington's cancer, which has been in remission for eight and a half years, as he is twelve. 


Meowington inspired me to start 360 Pet Cab, a reliable & and compassionate emergency and non-emergency pet transport company serving the Bay Area from November 2017 through 2023. Clients requested many behavioral consultations for animal transport and overall animal care. 360 Pet Cab has changed to an animal behavior consulting organization.


I received my certification in applied animal behavior from the University of Washington in 2022. The University of Washington offered me the opportunity to be a research assistant at Oregon State University for the  "Do as I Do" study by Dr. Monique Odell. Do as I Do is an imitation-based dog training method that is fun for the dog and the trainer during the summer of 2022 at Oregon State University. I worked with kids on the spectrum to train their family dogs and teach the children how to train their dogs. This took my animal behavior skills to a much higher level of expertise.


I am Fear Fear certified and a member of The Animal Behavior Society and IAABC, International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. I hold a master's in organizational psychology and a bachelor's in psychology, business, and biology and a music minor. 

I also volunteer at Happy Hollow Park and Zoo in San Jose, California. My favorite animal there is a bird named Solomon, an eclectus parrot from the Solomon Islands. It's hard not to fall in love with this magical guy who has so much to say and express.

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